St. Marks Lighthouse

Design Proposals

While no decisions have been made on the final plans for the St. Marks Light Station. The current thoughts include:

  • Preserve Historic Fresnel 4th order lens — Done
  • Restore lantern room — Done
  • Obtain replica Fresnel 4th order lens — In Progress
  • Color scheme: buildings - white, house shutters - green, tower shutters - white, house roof - red — Done
  • Replace copper gutters
  • Reproduce the historic, cylindrical wood cistern at north end of keeper's house
  • Reproduce historic "privy" at north end of keeper's house
  • White picket fence
  • ADA ramp to porch — Done
  • Interpretative Center with permanent and non-permanent displays — In Progress
  • No new buildings
  • Train sufficient docents to open most days

Please Donate to the Lighthouse Fund by donating online (scroll down to the "Lighthouse") or by mail to Friends of St. Marks Wildlife Refuge, PO Box 368, St. Marks, FL 32355. Please indicate "Lighthouse fund" on your check.

The following are some proposals provided by our partners.

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